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DRM as a Service: What Makes It Tick? (Part 2: Clients)

Posted by Marketing on Oct 20, 2020 8:30:00 AM

We continue our short series on the basics of video security and how it's of critical importance to any thriving video service business. Today's installment is on the topic of device side DRM clients. Remember that we have wrapped all this information up in our published book on DRMaaS - download today and register your T-shirt size!

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is actually an essential component of the video business, and it has server/cloud side components as well as components that must be implemented as a part of each and every video client device.

The goal of every video service provider is responsive, smooth video playback on the widest possible range of client devices. The client-side components of the DRM process support this goal, while acting to protect and/or enforce the business model behind the video service.

rube-goldberg-DRM-toasterThe process begins, when a consumer uses a device app or a video web session to select a piece of content that they want to play. The request to access that set of video files kicks off a number of parallel processes. The first, most obvious process is that of streaming the video content itself. Because these files are relatively large, the initial download requires a little startup time. During this startup phase, the video player recognizes that the content is DRM protected and requests the device DRM implementation to obtain a required playback license, passing along the video asset identifier information, details of the device itself and any other required parameters. The DRM client then makes a secure request to the DRM server component to receive the appropriate license. Before responding to this request, the DRM server checks the rights that this consumer has for video content playback and, if satisfied, creates a DRM license object that’s specific to this content, this request and the device that is requesting playback and delivers it to the consumer device. The client video player then uses the license to play back the content for the end user.

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