EZDRM Simplifies CMAF Security with Universal Complete

EZDRM simplifies the future of streaming video with it's new truly global DRM as a Service (DRMaaS) offering Universal Complete. Universal Complete offers all the commercial DRMs required for CMAF streaming and the broadest device reach in a single service package.

Universal CompleteNow EZDRM enables the future of streaming - and simplifies all the security required in a single service package. Universal Complete combines support for Apple's FairPlay DRM, Microsoft's PlayReady DRM, Google's Widevine DRM and Huawei's WisePlay DRM to enable a single secure CMAF origin file supporting multi-DRM services to all global devices and all modern streaming formats, including the new low-latency High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP).

Already in use with a growing number of partners and customers, Universal Complete provides the ultimate simplification of the content security challenge - one service, one integration, and compatibility on a world of global devices.

"We have been fully supporting our customer's transition to CMAF streams for some while now, and felt it was time to officially harmonize our service line-up with the new state-of-the-art content offerings," stated Olga Kornienko, Co-founder and COO of EZDRM. "We try and simplify all the aspects of content security, and Universal Complete is fully aligned with this goal."

EZDRM Universal Complete will also be featured for support of secure low-latency streaming as a part of the HESP Alliance tour at IBC 2022.

Come talk to us at booth 5.D59 - book a meeting time.

The Team at EZDRM
Digital Rights Management. Simplified.

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