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Streaming Media West 2019 - Retrospective

Posted by Marketing on Dec 3, 2019 9:15:00 AM

At a time when streaming video is truly coming into its own, the Streaming Media West show captures, as always, the highlights of the enabling technology and applauds the companies that power this revolution. And again, EZDRM is part of that picture.

In a shift of venue, the SMW event was held in downtown LA this year, held against the background of the new Disney streaming service launch and the rise of eSports . Both have been recognized as heralding significant shifts in the landscape and a new industry maturity in value delivery. From the initial keynotes - and throughout the following sessions - the voices of industry practitioners illustrated the progress made in both technology and business outlook.

Our EZDRM team took a very active role at the event - here's a short facebook live interview with Olga from the venue (excuse the shaky start!) Olga was also speaking at a special panel session on  current deployments of microservices for streaming video architectures. 

Olga panel at SMW

In a panel lead by Dom Robinson from id3as and Streaming Media UK, there were perspectives from the front lines of Twitch and Cisco amongst others.  Our COO, Olga Kornienko was able to highlight a key practical application of microservices in delivering a specific technically complex function in a simple, abstracted form. The use of microservices has certainly moved beyond theory and planning to the delivery of real value in the streaming deployment environment - small is definitely looking beautiful in this context!

The team at EZDRM
Digital Rights Management. Simplified.

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