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EZDRM & Bitmovin: Content Security in 30 Minutes or Less

Posted by Marketing on Jan 19, 2021 7:30:00 AM

We'd like to revisit some great content from a special webinar event, delivered in conjunction with our good partner Bitmovin.  The goal was to illustrate that, with modern cloud DRM and encoding services, secure video streaming can be set up in 30 mins or less!

Bitmovin EZDRM SecurityThe session was originally delivered live on the 12th November 2020.

For this webinar, experts from EZDRM and Bitmovin gave a brief introduction to the basic functional blocks of video encoding, DRM packaging and secure playback. They followed by working through the configuration steps in a live system to connect the components together in real time.

Here is the webinar VOD resource un-gated for your viewing pleasure: Security in 30 Minutes! Please take a look and prepare to be amazed!

The team at EZDRM
Digital Rights Management. Simplified.

Topics: DRM Tech, Partners

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