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SME Panel Session on Addressing Content Theft

Posted by Marketing on Sep 10, 2019 7:33:00 AM

Highlighting our COO, Olga Kornienko in action on her streaming service security panel session at the Streaming Media East event earlier this year.

Screen Shot - Olga at SME"We have to know why there is theft. Is it because in order for me to watch four different shows I like, I have to have four different subscriptions? And is it just eventually between that and my linear television everything is just starting to cost way too much money? Or is it because when I travel, I can't see the shows that I'm technically supposed to be watching just because out of the country?

Or is there any other underlying reason for it? And I feel like once you know the reasons, you can start to combat this issue."

Watch the full recording here. 


And if you are at the IBC 2019 show, there's a similar free panel session on Tuesday 17th Sept.  in the Hall 14 theater: Securing Content to Protect Revenues and the Eco-system.

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